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Since 1991 the International Hole In One Association family of companies has been helping event organizers and sponsors with superior game, contest and promotion planning along with A+ rated hole in one insurance and prize indemnity at competitive prices.

Hole In One International’s extensive knowledge and affection for the game of golf, combined with business know-how and A+ Rated underwriting gives you the best hole-in-one insurance program in the business.

Hole-in-One U.S.A. has been a trusted hole in one insurance partner to Auto Dealers, PGA Sections, Charitable Organizations, and Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years.

Odds On Promotions gives you the ability to up the ante during your next game, contest, or promotion. For a small fee, you can offer fabulous prizes worth millions of dollars and if you have a winner, we pay for the prize.

“IHIOA is great to work with. I go online, get a quote, and in a few minutes everything is done. IHIOA is responsive to customers and offers very good value.”

Ricke Welden, AGC of Iowa



How Does Hole In One Insurance Work?

Hole-in-one insurance is a specialized form of prize indemnification insurance.  

Hole in one insurance coverage is used by golf tournament organizers and their sponsors to increase event awareness and participation by giving them the ability to offer big-ticket prizes without increasing costs.  Just like with an auto policy, the cost of hole in one insurance coverage (known as the premium) depends on the risk involved.

How Much Does Hole In One Insurance Cost?

Hole in one insurance cost is calculated with three things in mind:  the number of attempts at the prize (aka how many golfers will be playing), the cost of the prize you are offering (bigger prizes are more expensive), and the distance to the hole from the tees (how long is the shot).

For example, a golf event organizer might ask an auto dealer to sponsor a hole in one contest.  The organizer will advertise the chance to win car by playing in the tournament. The auto dealer or organizer will then purchase hole in one insurance coverage by paying a small premium to a hole in one insurance provider to cover the cost of the car. If a golfer makes an ace (a hole in one) on that hole during a tournament, the golfer wins the car, and the hole in one insurance company pays for the prize.

What is Prize Indemnity Insurance?

How Does It Work?

Prize indemnity insurance is a form of contingency insurance. Contests and promotions that feature huge prizes or big rebates are very effective at grabbing consumer attention as well as driving traffic and sales. Unfortunately, these kinds of marketing and sales offers often involve big financial risks.  Prize indemnification insurance enables sponsors, marketers, promoters, and organizations of all kinds to make exceptionally enticing consumer offers – such as the chance to win a million dollars, while eliminating unnecessary financial liability.  Instead of taking on the financial risk themselves, the contest or promotion organizer pays a premium to a prize insurance provider who assumes financial liability of paying for the prize in the event there is a winner.  The cost of a prize insurance policy is based on the value of the prize that being given away (the bigger the prize, the more expensive it will be) and statistical likelihood (aka the odds) that the prize will be won. 

What does prize insurance cost?

The typical premium for prize indemnity insurance is based on the calculated odds of winning, “the risk”. The cost starts at $150 and increases from there based on the odds and type of risk associated with the event/contest.